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Our Mission:
St. Augustine’s Elementary School is committed to
improving student learning, achievement and well being
 through high quality instruction in a culture
 that fosters leadership, respect, collaboration, safety, and healthy living.

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Welcome Back:On behalf of the staff at St. Augustine’s, we would like to welcome you and your children back to school for the 2015~2016 school year. We also want to welcome our new Kindergarten children, as well as any new children who are attending school here for the first time. A very special welcome to our new staff members, Ms. Shannon McCarthy, Mrs. Tanya Byrne, Ms. Megan Hibbs, Ms. Jennifer Best, and Ms. Cathy Tulk who is replacing Ms. Jennifer Adey who is on maternity leave until April.

Curriculum Night:
We look forward to meeting parents and guardians at our curriculum night on Thursday, September 24th at 6:30 pm. This is a great opportunity to meet your child's teachers and get answers to any questions you may have.

Student Information:This year our school moved from WinSchool, a school based student information system, to PowerSchool which is a province wide student information system with servers located at the School District. While we have basic information on file for your child, much of the information stored in WinSchool did not transfer over to the PowerSchool database.

A sheet with the information we currently have on your child was sent home on September 10th.(Check your child school bag for an important memo) .Please review it and make any necessary changes or additions in the column to the right. You cooperation with this is greatly appreciated. Please return the information a soon as possible so our secretary can start the updating process.

When filling out the form please, ensure that phone numbers and emergency contacts are up to date, as well as any medical conditions we should be aware of. If there is information you would rather not include on the form, but feel we should be aware of please contact the school by phone or drop in.   

Change to your child’s daily routine:
We assume that children come to school from home and return to the same location at the end of the day.  If there is some change in that, for example going to grandparents, or requesting to get off at a different bus stop, this must be communicated to your child’s teacher in writing at the start of the day. Phone calls, texts or emails for this purpose will not be accepted. Only in emergencies will phone calls be accepted and these may be verified by such means as calling back the legal parent / guardian on file.

This is part being done to ensure the safety of our students. Again we appreciate you understanding and cooperation with this initiative.

Student Use of Phone:
Students are not permitted to use the phone to call home to request a change in daily routine. In emergencies school staff will phone on behalf of the child to speak with the parent or guardian.

Door Buzzer System:
Please note that our doors will be locked all day. If you visit the school during the day please ring the buzzer located on the left wall of the main entrance area.

School Bus Information:
Bus service for Bell Island Schools is provided by City Wide Taxi. Every child who lives beyond 1.6 km from the school is entitled to one round trip from their primary residence. If there are extenuating circumstances such as child care, shared custody arrangements, etc please inform the school.

Boys and Girls Club Bus Stop: This year only one bus will be stopping near the Wabana Boys and Girls Club. This will not be starting until the first of October and will be limited to the number of courtesy seats available on that bus. If your child is not a bus student and you would like to avail of a courtesy seat please complete the attached application and return it to the school. Seats will be assigned based on distance from the WBGC starting with the farthest away and working our way closer until all seats are assigned. For more information on bussing please visit:

Student Drop Off:
Please drop off your child between 7:55 and 8:10 am. As you are dropping off your child, please do not block the Teacher/Staff designated parking areas. We have a designated exit and entrance to our parking lot. (The entrance is the one closest to Ridgeway variety and the exit is near Jackson United Church).  Please use the drop-off lane when dropping off or picking up your child(ren). This facilitates a safer and smoother flow of traffic on and off the lot. We would like to thank you for your continued cooperation with this.

Media Consent Form:
Each year we are required to update our Media Consent Forms for the School District. Please sign and return teh form sent home  on September 10th indicating your preference. If you do not wish to have your child’s picture / work used for promotional purposes please indicate this on the form.

Lunch Program:
As of yet, we do not have a start date for our Kids Eat Smart Lunch program. We need volunteers if we are to continue to offer a daily lunch program here at St. Augustine’s Elementary. Please consider volunteering for this very important program. Please call the school at 488-3349 to volunteer or Jackie Wiseman at 488-2615 or email jackwise101@gmail.com

Until our lunch program starts and we get our volunteers in place we ask that you not send items in your child's lunch that require heating. We also ask that when packing lunch and recess for your child you keep nutrition in mind.  Please refrain from including items such as, soft drinks, potato chips, chocolate bars, etc. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.

Morning and Afternoon Routines:
Each year parents/guardians are quite helpful and cooperative in making our morning and afternoon routines a success. We would like to see students walking to their classrooms on their own as soon as possible. This is a great opportunity for your children to become independent. The need to foster independence in all students is very important and can give a child a real sense of accomplishment. Parents can observe their child or give them a last wave from the area beside the office. This will reduce congestion in the hallways.

If your child does not take the bus we ask that parents/guardians pick up your child at the appropriate side exit once the busses have the left.

This year, Kindergarten students will also be dismissed at the side exit and not the front exit as was the case last year.  

Procedure In The Event Of School Closure:
If it is deemed necessary to close schools due to weather or other emergency, an announcement will be made on local radio stations, Status Central (of the District web site), our school website and Twitter by 6:30am, (Please note that this may be hampered if there is a local power outage). A voice message will also be sent using SynreVoiceTM which is our automated calling system.

If it is deemed necessary to close during the school day, an announcement will be made using the same methods above. Students in K-6 cannot be dismissed in this instance until direct contact is made with a parent/guardian or other emergency contact. Please complete the form sent home on September 10th giving details of how you would like your child to be dismissed in the even to of an emergency closure.

In addition to our regular methods of communicating with parents and guardians you can also follow us on Twitter. @sa_elementary.

Smoke Free School & Smoke Free Grounds: Visitors, staff and students are reminded that all buildings, grounds and properties in the Province are smoke-free. Please respect our smoke-free policy and support us in our efforts to create a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

Allergy Alert:
Due to the fact that we have children and staff in school with specific allergies, we are asking that you not send your child to school with any foods that contain peanuts. Please check all labels, especially bars, which may contain peanuts. Celery and Shellfish products are also not allowed.

Please note that St. Augustine’s aims to provide a scent free environment for its students and staff. We ask you cooperation in not using scented products.

Leaving the School at Lunchtime:
School District Policy states that Students in grades K-3 are not permitted to leave the building on their own at lunchtime. Students in grades 4-6 who walk to school may leave on their own at lunch time. Students who are bussed to school may only leave at lunch time if they provide written permission from a parent or guardian. If this occurs occasionally please send a note for each occurrence which should be given to the teacher at the start of the day. If leaving the school at lunch time will occur on a frequent basis, one signed note at the start of the year indicating this will be sufficient. This will be kept on file at the school. If students are going at lunch time they should not be returning until 12:15.

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

Cell Phones. We recognize that some parents / guardians have given their child a cell phone for safety and/or other reasons. We ask that any student with a cell phone, leave it turned off during the day and kept in their pocket. If you need to reach your child during the day please call the school.

Other electronic devices (ipads, smart phones, tablets, etc): These devices can be great learning tools and they are part of the everyday experience of many of our students. As 21st Century educators we are looking for ways to integrate these tools into our instruction. We ask that you follow these guidelines if your child wishes to bring a device to school.

Devices should only be in school for educational related purposes with the request / permission of the classroom teacher and are only to be used during instructional time. Currently these devices are not permitted during unstructured time such as recess or lunch unless students have the permission of their teacher.

Please remember that St. Augustine’s School assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to any electronic devices children may bring to school.


Inside / Outside footwear and proper footwear for Phys. Ed Classes:
All students should have a change of footwear for school. Students are not permitted to wear out side boots or shoes in the classroom. Students are also reminded that proper footwear is required for Phys. Ed. classes. For safety reasons students are not permitted to participate in Phys. Ed. if they are wearing boots, shoes with heels, flip flops etc. 

Head lice
Every year the same problem arises so please check your child’s head every night. If your daughter or son has long hair it would be advisable to braid it or put it up in a ponytail. If there is a problem then you should contact the Community Health Nurse at 488-2700.

This is a very tormenting problem and can be very difficult to clear up if your child gets it. Unless we get the cooperation of every single family then this will continue to be a concern for all of us.

Contacting Your Child’s Teacher:
If you need to contact your child’s teacher please call the school to arrange an appointment. Optionally you may contact him or her via the email.

Website Updates:

The website will be updated over the next several days with current staff, 2015-2016 calendar, etc.

Announcement Archive

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Allergy Alert:
Due to students and staff with allergies
we ask that the following items not be brought into our school.

Peanuts, and Shell Fish products.
We also ask that students and visitors to our school refrain from wearing scented products.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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