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The following links are from the Eastern School District and are categorized by subject. If you find a link that is broken or does not point to the correct location please report it to the school webmaster 

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bulletThink Quest
bulletNew Museum
bulletAssociation of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
bulletNational Arts Education
bulletNYFA International
bulletEuropean League of Institutes of the Arts
bulletOpen studio Links

Design / Graphics
bulletSpanky Fractal Database
bullet3D Artists
bulletAmerican Institute of Graphic Arts
bulletCenter for Image Processing
bulletbackgrounds and textures

Fine Arts
bulletNational Endowment for the Arts
bulletKennedy Center's art education
bulletWorld Wide Arts Resources
bulletEducation Index for Performing Arts
bulletMusic Education
bulletKids Gallery
bulletNational Museum of Women in the Arts
bulletThe Louvre online
bulletSapphire Swan Dance Directory
bulletArt Studio Chalk Board

bulletEarly Canada
bulletEarly Canadiana Online
bulletExploring Ancient World Cultures
bulletHistorical documents from Western Europe.
bulletChronology of Russian History
bulletCastles on the Web
bulletSocial Studies Lesson Plans and Resources
bulletReeder's Egypt Page
bulletLibrary of Hindu History
bulletAncient World Web
bulletArchaic and Classical Greek history
bulletClassical Greek and Roman texts.
bulletLiterature and humanities links
bulletMark Twain resources
bulletLiterature References with full descriptions

bulletNational Endowment for Humanities
bulletHumanities and Social Sciences
bulletCutural Studies Central
bulletSeven Wonders of the Acient World
bulleta Guide to Grammer and Writing

Language Arts
bulletSocial Studies and the Arts
bulletThe English Language Arts Network (Ontario)
bulletStratford Library - Language Arts
bulletGander Academy's Language Arts Resources
bulletSaskatoon East School Division Language Resources
bulletLanguage Arts Links
bulletStorybooks online
bulletDr. Seuss's Seussville
bulletThe Wacky World Of Words
bulletKids Corner Featuring Beatrix Potter

Literature and Language
bulletBartlett's Familiar Quotations
bulletThe Freedom Forum
bulletTeachers and Writers Collaborative page
bulletRoget's Thesaurus online
bulletIBIC Guide to book-related resources
bulletTools for Schools
bulletLiterary resources
bulletLittle Planet
bulletOnline tutoring
bulletDictionaries online
bulletChildren's Literature Web Guide
bulletBibliography service
bulletHumanities resource site
bulletOnline encyclopedia
bulletInternet Public Library
bulletPractical teaching ideas
bulletThe Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
bulletThe English Server
bulletThe Write Site
bulletThe Web English Teacher
bulletThe Internet Classics Archive
bulletInteractive Curriculum Enrichment Service for Teachers

bulletChildren's Music Web Music
bulletCanons and Fugues of J. S. Bach
bulletMusic Education @ Data Dragon
bulletCanadian Coalition of Music Education
bulletK-12 Music Resources
bulletTechnics/Music Canada
bulletClever Joe's-Canada's Music Guide
bulletLearn abour Music
bulletCanada's Folk Music

bulletCreative Drama/Theatre Education
bulletTheatre Canada
bulletComplete Works of William Shakespeare
bulletFestivals/Theatre Companies
bulletTheatre in Canada
bulletFine Arts
bulletDrama Teachers Resource

Visual Arts
bulletVisual Arts Education/Canada
bulletArt Detective
bulletA Lifetime of Color
bulletCreativity Central
bulletCenima Exibits
bulletKinder Art
bulletVisual Arts Canada
bulletWinsor Canada Projectt
bulletNational Galary of Canada

World Cultures/Languages
bulletLanguage Links
bulletCanada Dept. of Education/Culture
bulletLanguages/Culture of the World
bulletLaguages of the World
bulletWorld Culture
bulletSt. Stephens High School
bulletWorld Cultures-The Journal
bullet50 Language Courses
bulletCultural Survival
bulletCultures of the Ands

          Current Events
bulletCNN-Student News
bulletNewsweek Education
bulletNew York Times-Learning Network
bulletTeaching Canada Resources

bulletPolitical Geograpy
bulletCanadian Political Geography
bulletPolitical Geography Resources

bulletCanadian Political Parties
bulletCanidian Ploitical History
bulletCanidian Ploitical Materials
bulletCanadian Confereration
bulletNational Archives of Canada

Social Studies
bulletPolitical & Social Studies Links
bulletSocial Science Information Gateway
bulletUniversity of Waterloo-Political Science
bulletCanadian Geographic Online Canadian Atlas

World Cultures
bulletWorld Geography and Culture
bulletA Brief Canadian Tour
bulletMathers Museum of World Cultures
bulletExploring Acient World Cultures
bulletWorld Civilizations
bulletThe Journal-World Cultures

World History
bulletBBC-Mordern World History
bulletWorld History Compass
bulletWomen in the World History
bulletWorld History Archives
bulletWorld History Chart and links
bulletHyperHistory Online
bulletWorld-Wide Virtual History


bulletAsk Dr. Math
bulletNCREL Math & Science
bulletEducational Math Resources
bulletW3 Virtual Library
bulletChemistry Zone
bulletInteractive Geometry
bulletMacTutor-History of Math
bulletMath Archives
bulletMega Mathematics

bulletAlgebra Help
bulletAbstract Algebra
bulletSOS Math - Algebra

bulletPhysics Onlne
bulletPhisics Central
bulletPhisics Today
bulletPhysics Web
bulletPhysics Tutorials

bulletMathFourm Geometry
bulletFree Math Help - Geometry
bulletAsk Dr. Math-Geometry - Gometry
bulletAlgebraic Geometry

K-12 Math
bulletMath Resources k-12
bulletMath Service Providers
bulletCanadian Mathematical Society
bulletYahoo Math Links
bulletMath Central
bulletCanadian Math-Science Links
bulletThe Journal - K-12 Math/Science

Earth Science
bulletDestination Earth
bulletTeaching Earth Scinece
bulletEarth Scienc Education Network
bulletEarth Scienc Virtual Network
bulletEarth Science for Kids
bulletSchool of Ocean and Earth Science Technology
bulletThe Journal - Earth Science

Environmental Science
bulletAtlantic Canada Center for Environmental Scinece
bulletEnvironment Canada Envirothon
bulletHarcourt Canada
bulletEnvironmental Science Acadia University
bulletEnvironmental Science Magazine
bulletThe Journal - Earth Science

Earth/Space Sciences
bulletGander Academy-Canada in Space
bulletCanada's Space/Flight Resources
bulletCanadian Aviaton

bulletCanadian Geography and History
bulletGeography Netowrk Geography Goegraphy
bulletWorld Wide Virtual Library
bulletThe Journal - History/Social Studies/Geography

bulletK-12 Bilogy Lesson Plans
bulletK-12 Bilogy Resources
bulletBiology and Biochemistry Source
bulletThe Journal - Bilogy/Chemistry

Hard Sciences
bulletHard Science Resources
bulletThe Journal - Hard Sciences

Physical Sciences
bulletSky Chart
bulletThe Journal - Physical Science
bulletPhysical Science Resorce Center
bulletPhysical Science Hotlist

bulletAdventures in Science
bulletScience for Elementary
bulletAsk Eric Science Lessons
bulletK-12 Education
bulletScience/Math Education
bulletThe Journal - Science
bulletPhysical Science Resorce Center
bulletScience Magazine

Space Sciences
bulletThe Journal - Space Science
bulletAmazing Space
bulletCNN Space
bulletHubble Space
bulletChallanger Space Education



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