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The St. Augustine's Elementary School Website is intended to provide up-to-date and relevant information for parents / guardians and students. The site is similar in look and navigational structure to the St. Michael's Web Page. The primary reason for this is that both schools are serving the same parent / student population.

The page is divided into several sections, some of which have further subdivisions. Here is an overview of the main sections.

Home: This is the St. Augustine's Home Page. It is the main page in the web site. This is where all current announcements can be found.

About This Site:  The page you are currently viewing

Principal's Message:  A general greeting from the current principal.

About St. Augustine's: Some general information on the history and current configuration of the school.

Contact Us:  General contact information for St. Augustine's School

Extracurricular:  High lights some of the extracurricular activities that take place at the school

Parent Information:  This page is intended to provide information on various items which do not fit one of the other major sections of our website. Items such as daily schedule, school lunch menu, etc.

Resource Links: A page of education related links.

Safe and Caring Schools: Information on the Safe and Caring Schools Initiative.

Staff List: List of the current staff with email addresses. If a teacher's name is underlined it means he / she has their own website online. To view click the name.

School Calendar: A list of holidays throughout the year. Also has a monthly calendar. Major school events will be listed on the calendar.

School Council: List of members of the St. Augustine's School Council and activities they are involved in.

School Development: Information on our School Development process. Includes link to the Department of Education for further information on School Development.

School Memos: A list of memos sent home to parents.

School Policies: Information on school policies and procedures. Also has a link to all school policies of the Eastern School District.

What's New: A chronology of updates and additions to the school website.



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