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School Memos


2016 - 2017
Date Subject
April 12th  
April 5th Various Items
March 29  PDF Various Items
Memos from Sept - February are created as Google Docs. The links will open the window in a browser window. No pdf reader is required.
February 21 Lunch Envelope, pink shirt day other items
February 16 Various Items
February 1 Learn and Play Week
January 30 Lunch Program
January 25 Various Items
January 10 Lunch Program
January 4 Various Items
December 19 Various Items
December 5 Christmas Ticket Draw, Parent / Teacher Interviews, Christmas Concert, and other items
November 28 Lunch Program, School Pictures - Report Cards - Scholastic Book Fair
November 14 Various Items
November 2 Various Items
October 27 Temporary Change to bus lane and various other items
October 18 Lunch Program and various other items
September 12 pdf Opening Memo with forms


2015 - 2016
All memos prior to the 2016-2017 school year require a PDF file reader such as Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader unless specified otherwise . Each memo will open in a new window.
These are memos sent home to all students. At times there may be memos sent home from individual classes. They may or may not be archived here.
Date Subject
June 8 Spring Concert
May 27 Lunch Envelope and other items
April 28 Lunch Envelope and other items
April 21 Read-A-Thon
April 13 Lunch Envelope, Volunteer Week, Early Dismissal Thursday, April 21st.
March 27 Lunch Envelope, Remind App, Easter Break, Purple Day
March 8 Various Items
February 10 Various Items
January 12 Various Items
December 21 Various Items
December 7, Ticket Draw, Christmas Concert, Various Other Items
November 27 Various Items
November 9 NorCard Fundraiser, Operation Christmas Child, Coats for Kids, & Digital Citizenship
October 28 Lunch Program, School Close Outs, Picture Day, Halloween Fair
October 15 Lunch Program, School Close Outs, Picture Day, and Kindergarten
September 29th Lunch Program
September 10th Opening memo


2014 - 2015
Date Subject
May 26th Various Items
April 14 Changes to Lunchtime Routine and Afternoon Dismissal
April 13 Upcoming Events
April 2  
March 27 Various Items
March 10 Various Items
February 23 Violence Awareness Week, Digital Citizenship - Various Other Items
February 17 Gr 1 - 6 Various Items
February 17 Kindergarten Various Items
February 2, Various Items
January 27 (Gr 1 - 6) Lunch Program, Lunch Program , Family Literacy Week and Power of Play
January 27 (Kindergarten) Family Literacy Week and Power of Play
January 14 Various Items
December 16th Memo for Kindergarten Parent sand Guardians
December 16th Memo for parents / guardians of students in grades 1 - 6
December 3 New Christmas Tradition
December 3 Christmas Concert memo from Mr. Murphy
December 3 Various Items
November 29 Various Items
November 18 Various Items
October 30 Halloween Fair, Lunch Program and upcoming events
October 14 Various Items
October 1 Various Items
September 15 Lunch Program
September 8 Opening Memo


2013 - 2014
Date Subject
May 28 Various Topics
May 21 Various Topics
May 13 Various Topics
May 7 Read-A-Thon and various topics
May 1 Various Topics
April 7 Lunch Program, Volunteer Appreciation Week, KinderStart Changes
Easter Holidays, Shave for the Brave
March 24 Various Items
March 13, Various Items
February 28 Various Items
February 13, Lunch Program – Violence Awareness Month – Rachel’s Challenge
February 10 Teacher Appreciation Week, Olympic Events, Kindergarten Notes
February 5 Various Events
January 29th Various Items
January 23rd School Skating, KinderStart, Family Literacy Day
January 13th Various Items
December 17 Upcoming Events
December 11 Upcoming Events
December 5 Purple Ribbon Campaign, Ticket Draw, Christmas Concert
November 29 Christmas Ticket Draw, Parent Teacher Interviews, Other Items
November 26 Lunch Program, Report Cards, Upcoming Events
November 14 School Pictures, Lunch Program, Power of Play
October 30 Various Items
October 16 Upcoming Events
October 9 Various Items
September 30 Upcoming Events
September 18 Various Items
September 12 Upcoming Events
September 4, 2013 Welcome Back
2012 - 2013
Date Subject Notes
June 10 Upcoming Events
May 30 Various Topics
May 21 Lunch Envelope, Public Speaking and Read-A-Thon
May 15 Various Topics
May 1 Various Topics
April 24 Volunteer Week, Lunch Program and various topics
April 8 Lunch Program and various topics
March 27 Various Topics
March 11 Media Release Form, Heritage Fair, Report Cards, Online Safety Presentation
March 4, Lunch Program, Nutrition Month, School Climate Survey, Bussing Review
February 25 Lunch Program, Violence Awareness Week, School Phone
February 11 100th Day of School, School Skating, Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week
February 5 Lunch program ad various other items
January 24th Various Items
January 9 Welcome back, lunch program, pink shirt day, other items
December 18 Christmas Break and School Skating
December 12 Power of Play - Grades K - 3
November 26 School Pictures, Flea Market, Report Cards
November 20th Lunch Program and various Items
November 14th Various Items
November 7th Various Items
October 24 Lunch Program, School Pictures, Various other items
October 15 Lunch Program and other items  
October 3 Various Items  
September 24 Various Items  
September 19 Upcoming Events  
September 12 Lunch Program, Student Information  
September 6 Welcome Back Memo / Targa  
2011 - 2012
Date Subject Notes
June 14 Upcoming events  
May 17 Various Topics  
April 19 Power Outage Friday, April 20th and other upcoming events  
April 18 Schedule changes for next week  
April 16 Upcoming Events  
March 29 Community Skate and Recycling Challenge  
March 27 Various Items  
March 21 Primary Field Trip on Thursday ,    Provincial Assessments (Process Writing)
March 16 Up-coming Events  
March 13 Lunch Program, Staff PD Day, Field trips, Parent Teachers Interviews
March 1 Various Items  
March 14 Various Items  
February 9 Various Items  
February 1 Various Items  
January 19 Lunch Program Envelopes – Pink Shirt Day, Family Literacy Day  
January 12 School Development Day, Lunch Program Updates, School Electronics Policy  
January 3rd Various Items  
December 20 Christmas Memo  
December 14

Christmas Concert, Kindergarten Schedule Change and Christmas Ticket Draw,

December 10 Christmas Concert, Kindergarten Schedule Change and Christmas Ticket Draw  
December 9 Lunch Program – Christmas Ticket Draw – Christmas Concert – Recycling Program  
December 2 Various Items  
November 25 Lunch Program and Parent Teacher Interviews  
November 8 Remembrance Day / Operation Christmas Child / School Pictures  
October 27 Lunch Program and Various Items  
October 14 Various Items  
October 5 Thanksgiving Celebration - Schedule Change  
September 26 Various Items  
September 13 Curriculum Night and Lunch Program  
September 7 Welcome back and upcoming events  
2010 - 2011
Date Subject Notes
June 20 Year end memo  
June 7 School Development Parent Survey Letter  
May 30 Spring Concert  
April 21 Easter break  
April 7th Read-A-Thon  
April 7th lunch envelope  
March 23 Parent interviews \ changes to lunch menu  
March 16 Various Items  
March 4 Education Week  
February 22 Various Items  
January 17 Various Items  
December 13 Christmas Memo  
December 8 Various Items  
December 2 Christmas Ticket Draw  
Nov 23 Report Cards, Parent Teacher Interviews  
November 8 Upcoming Events  
November 3 Recycling Blitz and other items  
October 20 Various Items  
October 14 Various Items  
September 30 Various Items  
September 28 School Council Nominations  
September 13 Changes to lunch program  
September 10 Welcome Back memo  
September 09 TARGA (School Schedule Changes)  
2009 - 2010
June 22 Upcoming events  
June 15 Upcoming events  
June 1 Postponing fieldtrips / Playground / School Food Guidlines  
May 25 Upcoming events / schedule changes  
May 15 Media Release Form / Active Living Event / Thanks / Reminders  
May 10 Poetry Recital and Speak Off  
April 26 Cold plates / Upcoming events  
April 15 Various Items  
March 31 Easter Break  
March 22 Parent Teacher Interviews - Term Two  
March 10 School Closeout and other upcoming news and events  
March 3 School Closeout scheduled for March 5 is cancelled.  
February 18 Spirit Week Activities – February 22 – 26
Kindergarten Schedule Changes
School Holiday
Elementary Choir Uniform
February 4th Various Items  
January 9th Upcoming Events  
January 4th Rescheduled parent teacher interviews  
December 21 Christmas Memo  
December 8 Parent Teacher Reports, Ticket Draw, Other  
November 16 H1N1 Vaccinations / Lunch Program  
November 12 Lunch Program Change / Vaccinations for Grades 4 - 6  
November 10 Upcoming Events  
November 5 K-3 Vaccinations for Friday, November 6th / Schedule Changes  
October 29 Halloween Fair Postponed  
October 26 Various Items  
October 15 School Council Elections  
October 8 Thanksgiving Holiday  
September 29 Upcoming events and School Council Nominations  
September 22 Travel Changes to Suessical Fieldtrip  
September 18 Various Items  
September 15 Seussical - Field Trip and Permission Form  
September 14 Lunch Program Changes  
September 11 Change to Lunch Menu  
September 10 Request for Volunteers for lunch program  
September 9 Opening Memo  
2008 - 2009
Date Subject Notes
June 25 Year End Memo  
June 17 Various Items  
May 25 Spring Concert  
May 20 Lunch Menu Change  
May 6 Upcoming Events  
April 21 Upcoming Choir Events  
March 24 Brighter Futures Play Group  
March 11 Parent Teacher Interviews  
February 25 Various Topics  
February 11 Various Topics  
February 2 Various Topics  
January 27 Various Topics  
January 19 School Council Parent Representative Ballot  
January 19 January Newsletter This memo should have been posted last week. Various items.
December 16 Christmas Memo  
November 15 New Bussing Guidelines  
November 3 Upcoming Events  
October 22 Halloween Fair  
October 20 Lockdown and Secure School Procedures  
October 10 Various Items  
October 2 Upcoming Events  
September 25 Various Items  
September 17 Curriculum Night - School Council  
September 9 Friday Close-out (Targa) - School Council Nominations  
September 2 Opening Newsletter  
2007 - 2008
Date Subject Notes
June 25 Yearend Memo  
May 28 Spring Concert and other items  
May 25 Scholastic Book Fair  
May  7 School Close Out  
May 1 Parent Memo : Various Items  
April 14 Talent Show Reminder (Rescheduled)  
April 7 Talent Show Reminder  
April 1 Reminders for the week of April 1 – 4  
March 14 Rescheduled Parent Teacher Interviews  
March 7 Dessert and Talent Show  
March 7 Upcoming Events / School Issues  
February 28 Headlice, Ticket Money, Upcoming Events  
February 28 ICT Memo  
February 14 Ticket Draw, School Holiday  
February 12 Various Topics  
January 24 Staff Professional Development Day, Lunch / Recess Menu and Computer Lab  
January 17 Welcome Back and General Notes  
December 27 Kindergarten Proofs & Class Group Pictures  
December 18 Christmas Memo  
December 10 Upcoming Events & School Information  
December 3 Dress for Christmas Concert  
November 27 School Information  
November 8 Various Items  
October 30 School Photos Change of date
October 25 Various Items  
October 18 School Closure PD Day  
October 17 Various Items  
October 15 School Council Items  
September 25 Various Items  
September 21 Kindergarten Schedule Change
September 17 School Closeout  
September 10 Homework Haven  
September 7 Opening Newsletter  
2006 - 2007
Date Subject Notes
June 22 Year end memo  
May 8 Flag Raising Pizza Lunch
May 3 School Closeout May 4 / 7  
April 30 School Crest and Colours Contest Winners
April 2 Easter Memo Easter Holidays and Pizza Days
March 21 Various Items  
March 20 Talent Show  
March 16 Parent Memo Head lice, Lost/Stolen Items and Lunch Money
March 16 School Council Contest Colours and Crest
March 16 Talent show  
February 19 Second Fishcake Order  
February 13 Lunch Program  
February 13 Fishcakes  
February 1 Skating and Pizza Day  
January 30 Class Photos  
January 26 Fishcake Fundraiser  
January 25 Band Program  
January 10 Kindergarten Kinderstart and Roots of Empathy Schedule
January 8 New Year Memo  
December 13 Christmas Holidays  
November 28 Various Items Reduction in lunch program
November 27 First Term Report Cards  
November 20 Early School Closures  
November 6 Weekly Information Pictures, celebration, school holiday
October 25 Various Topics School Pictures, Closeout, Halloween Fair, etc
October 19 Recycling Day  
October 18 Halloween Fair  
October 5 Parent Newsletter Various Topics
October 5 Kindergarten Buss Safety Presentation
October 2 Thanksgiving Holiday Pizza day and Friday celebration
September 28 Healthy Living  
September 21 Curriculum Night  
September 12, 2006 Charging Recess  
September 10, 2006 Welcome Back Various School Opening Items

2005 - 2006

Date Subject Notes
June 19, 2006 Year end memo  
May 3, 2006 School Closeout Also information for kindergarten
May 1, 2006 Head lice  
April 26, 2006 School Closeouts  
April 10, 2006 Various Items Easter Week
April 3, 2006 Various Items  
March 28, 2006 Parent Interviews Rescheduling due to storm day
March 23, 2006 Report Card Memo  
March 22, 2006 Various Items  
March 16, 2006 Picture retakes  
March 15, 2006 Various items skating, kiddies dance, St. Paddy's Day
March 3, 2006 School Closures  
February 23, 2006 Various Items School Closure Friday, February 24th
February 15, 2006 School Skating  
February 4, 2006 Various Items  
January 9, 2006 Various Items  
October 25, 2005 Kinderstart Schedule  

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