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Mission Statement

St. Augustine’s Elementary School is committed to improving student learning, achievement well being through high quality instruction in a culture that fosters leadership, respect, collaboration, safety, and healthy living.

Value Statements

School Organization:

bulletOpen communication is critical among all stakeholders for effective school organization
bulletConsistent routines and procedures are essential for the effective operation of the school and must be visible and well rehearsed.
bulletAccess to adequate and reliable technology for students and staff is essential.


bulletThe administration delegates and encourages shared decision-making.
bulletThe administration supports, encourages and motivates all stakeholders.
bulletProfessional Development is promoted, supported and encouraged among professional staff.

Teaching and Learning:

bullet Effective teaching employs a variety of teaching and assessment strategies.
bullet Collaboration is essential for effective student learning.
bullet Students are encouraged to express their learning in a variety of ways.
bulletHealthy Eating and Active Living is modeled and encouraged.

Climate and Culture:

bulletSchool is a safe and secure place for all who enter its doors.
bulletEach person feels valued for his or her own uniqueness and talents.

Vision Statement:

To improve student achievement and well being through a focus on literacy and numeracy skills and healthy living.

Last updated: October 11, 2013





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