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This page is intended to provide information on various items which do not fit one of the other major sections of our website.


Information For Parents on

Parent/Guardian Drop Off
Please do not drop off your children for school before 8:00 a.m. As you are dropping off your children, please do not blockade the Teacher/Staff designated parking areas.

Entrance And Exit Signs: School Parking Lot
In order to facilitate a smoother and safer flow of traffic entering and leaving the school parking lot we have erected two new signs. We would ask that motorists enter the school parking lot by way of the road closest to Ridgeway Variety and exit the school grounds by way of the road closest to the United Church. This ensures that all traffic is going in the same direction. In addition, this will allow children to enter/exit the passenger side of cars thereby avoiding going around stopped vehicles. The one exception to this is our school busses. They will continue to enter and exit as they always have thus allowing them to drop children right at the student entrances. Your support with this is appreciated.

School Food Guidelines Newfoundland Labrador
September 2008 marks the full implementation of the School Food Guidelines Newfoundland Labrador. Please remember that the Guidelines also encompass foods served at special events, sports tournaments and fundraisers. For more information please visit

If your child is not purchasing from our canteen please ensure they
have a nutritional snack. Please avoid sending in soft drinks, chips, cheezies, bars, etc.

Lunch Program
Following the guidelines of the Nutritional Policy we will offer a lunch program at the same price ($2.00 daily) as last year.  We encourage you to send a nutritional lunch with your child if he/she is not participating in the lunch program.

If the lunches are to be heated they must be put in a microwave safe container.  It is also School Policy that Grade 1-3 students remain in school and students from Grades 4-6 must have a note to leave at lunchtime.

Eastern Health    Tips for Healthy Lunches pdf  Tips for Healthy Snacks  pdf

School Electronics Policy: (Updated January 2012)
We are aware that many students use items such as iPods, portable games, MP3 players, notebooks, etc. and these have great entertainment value. Many of these items can also use programs and apps that enhance a child’s learning. For example, some schools use iPads for students with Learning Disabilities. If your child has a legitimate reason for having such an electronic item at school please let us know so we can help him or her make the most of it. However, because these items can be disruptive to the learning environment and are expensive to replace if lost or damaged, we ask that they be left home. As for cell phones, we realize that some students have them for emergencies. If your child has to take a cell phone we ask that they be turned off while at school and kept in their pockets or desk or turned in at the office. There are two reasons for this. (1) Using the phone is disruptive to the learning environment and (2) Since most phones have cameras, there is a privacy concern as well.  If you need to contact your child during the school day please call the school. If students have their phone out during the school day they will be asked to turn it in at the office and get it at the end of the school day.


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Documents and Reports
2009-2010 Annual School Development report
2008-2009 Annual School Development report
2007-2008 Annual School Development report
2006-2007 Annual School Development report
2006-2007 Youth Smoking Survey  (full report)
2006-2007 Youth Smoking Survey  (summary report)
2005-2006 Annual School Development report





Page last modified: October 11, 2013