Procedure in the Event of School Closure
Last updated - February 2015

If it is deemed necessary to close schools due to weather, an announcement will be made on local radio stations, Status Central (of the District web site), our school website and Twitter by 6:30am, (Please note that this may be hampered if there is a local power outage). A voice message will also be sent using SynreVoice which is our automated calling system.

If it is deemed necessary to close during the school day, an announcement will be made using the same methods above. Students in K-6 cannot be dismissed in this instance until direct contact is made with a parent/guardian or other emergency contact. If there has been a change to your contact information please let us know to ensure our calling list is up-to-date. (This would include changes to home, cell or work numbers as well as any changes to emergency contact

In addition to our regular methods of communicating with parents and guardians you can also follow us on Twitter.